How will Brexit impact the UK’s thriving creative industries?

The UK’s creative industries represent around 9% of the country’s GDP, according to John McVay head of the UK Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (Pact). That’s a significant contribution from a sector that overwhelmingly opposed the June 23 decision to leave the EU. Before the referendum nearly 85% of the members of Pact said they would vote to stay. In another pre-referendum survey done by Media Business Insight 67% of respondents working in the industry said they believed a departur

How will you watch TV in the future?

In the early 2000s the average global viewer sat down in front of the TV for 38 hours a week and spent just a couple of hours watching video online. By 2020 that person will be watching 24 hours of online video each week. So does that mean that TV as we know it is dying out? No, according to the TV experts at MIPCOM 2016, an event that sees industry professionals come together in Cannes to buy, sell and discuss their changing industry. During the opening morning of the event the audience saw d

NATO jets intercept two Russian bombers flying south

Two Russian bombers were intercepted by fighter jets from four different European countries as they flew from Norway down to Spain and back again, it has emerged. The incident, which took place on September 22, saw fighter planes from Norway, the UK, France and Spain scramble to escort two Tupolev 160 Blackjack jets as they skirted the airspace of each country. The incident has only now emerged following a report from the French ministry of defence. The report explains that Norway first detect

What does Donald Trump’s body language say about him?

Whether or not you agree with his politics, you can’t argue that Donald Trump draws in crowds. His distinctive gestures and expressive body language captivate and disturb in nearly equal measure. We got in touch with communication experts to find out what they make of his style. Critics may find his style exaggerated and caricatural but according to Prof. Geoff Beattie, author of Rethinking Body Language, it’s also one of his attractive features: “Politicians want to come across as open, honest

Virtual reality can - and will - be used for storytelling

“It’s not storytelling.” That’s what Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull said about virtual reality to The Guardian. “Linear narrative is an artfully-directed telling of a story,” he added. “You’re not just wandering around in the world.” It’s hard to disagree when you think about some of the technical challenges involved with VR filmmaking. How will viewers follow a story if they are able to look wherever they want? How will a director make scene cuts without making the user sick?

Euronews and Africanews: a new media group serving news diversity

It’s been a year of change for Euronews: a new majority shareholder, a new world headquarters and the arrival of a new sister channel – Africanews. At MIPTV in Cannes, CEO Michael Peters presented a new group founded on one vision: promoting diversity of viewpoints. Euronews’ new baseline “All Views” is part of its goal to tackle disinformation and ‘infobesity’ – the idea that in a world with more information than ever we are drowning in quantity and lacking perspective. Michael Peters explain

Live streaming: the next big thing to shake up broadcasting

After years of making TV as polished and glamorous as possible, video content is going full circle, back to its roots in live broadcasting. At TV and digital content event MIPTV a panel of experts called live streaming the “fasted growing area of digital”. For Will Keenan, president of Stream Up, ‘live’ is the new disruption for television: “It is the new must-watch destination for television – it’s FOMO, fear of missing out,” he said. “I find it interesting that at the same time reality TV vi

eSports: the half a billion dollar ‘niche’ industry coming to a TV near you

Gone are the days of the lonely gamer shut away in his bedroom. Professional gaming, or eSports, has gone mainstream and it is about to shake up traditional programming. A recent report by Newzoo reveals that the value of the eSports industry in 2016 is nearly half a billion dollars and that number is expected to soar to over a billion by 2019. At day one of TV and digital content event MIPTV in Cannes, Laurence Jones, commercial director at Endemol Shine Group, called it a “natural evolution”

The eternal embrace: 6,000-year-old couple unearthed in Greece

A rare archaeological find in southern Greece has unearthed the skeletons of a 6,000-year-old couple, locked in an embrace. The remains were originally found in 2014 but just days before the most romantic day of the year, Saint Valentine’s Day, Greek archaeologists have confirmed with DNA testing that the Neolthic-era lovers date back to around 3800 BC. They were discovered in an ancient cemetery which has also yielded the skeletons of another couple found buried in the foetal position. The Al

D-Day 70th anniversary as it happened

Some 900 of the last surviving veterans of World War II have joined 20 world leaders in northern France to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings. A series of commemorative events took place across Normandy to honour the thousands of people that lost their lives in what proved to be the beginning of the end of the world’s bloodiest ever conflict. The day’s solemn proceedings were attended by thousands of visitors, including Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, US President Barack Obama and R